Effects of water pollution

Water pollution is one of the biggest environmental hazards we are facing in this world. The is the same “water” which is essential for every living being on this planet, including us. But somehow we are polluting it more and day by day. This is now repealing back to us only and its hazardous effects on the environment. And even the innocent aquatic animals are facing some issues.

Water Pollution is having many effects affecting on human health and the environment and we people are responsible for the problem. Industrialization and urbanisation are the two things which contributes the most in this issue.

In this blog we will see how the water pollution is affecting the environmentalist and how we are responsible for it. The following are the effects of water pollution.

Death of aquatic animals:

Water pollution has become a problem for us, but it is also hurting the innocent aquatic animal. It is like the punishment for the crime they never did. Animal in the water bodies and who survive on water bodies are dying due to dangerous effects of water pollution.

Small fish and small creature are the one who can’t handle the water pollution and dies due to that. And the reason behind this death is water pollution due to agriculture and industrial poison. Agricultural run-off results into eutrophication i.e. concentration of increase in nutrient which cause oxygen depletion in the water bodies which results into death of small aquatic animals.

Pollution even kills bugs in the water which creates problem animals who survive on them. Not just death of the animals some animals can get injured and or starve to death due to the water pollution.

Plastic is one thing which contribute in water pollution made even more difficult to the aquatic animals and birds to survive now. Plastic in the ocean is killing more animals now. Some animals are eating plastic and some are getting trapped into it. This is happening because of being careless about recycling the plastic consequences are paid by the lives of aquatic animals.

Sea Turtle
Image by Francis Ray from Pixabay

Food Chain and Ecosystem Disruption:

Food chain is basically a cycle where one animal eats another to survive, and ecosystem is the environment in which this cycle of food chain take place. But because of the destruction of the ecosystem of water bodies there is now a heavy disruption in the food chain of the aquatic life inside the water bodies. In many ways these happens which are:


When one animal eats another animal which contain pollutant is known as bioaccumulation. Bioaccumulation cause of death of many aquatic animals. Basically when a small aquatic animals ingest any pollutant and when many animals like this are eaten by the bigger animals than he receives more amount of pollutant in its body.

This results in high level of toxin in bigger fish. Many aquatic animals like swordfish consists of mercury which is toxic and can damage kidneys in mammals. This innocent animals doesn't even have any idea that they are ingesting poison in their body.

Persistent water pollutants:

Persistent water pollutants are basically the pollutants in water which stays for years. This means they do not easy to dissolve in water or having resistance to biodegradability. These are basically chemicals come from pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

This especially disrupts the endocrine system of the marine animals. Endocrine system is basically a gland in the body of a mammal and disruption of that system is hormonal imbalance in the body of a mammal. This can lead to feminization of amphibians, neurological problems and cancer in the body of a mammal.

This is how we are creating problems in the marine life by directly discharging these types of pollutants in the water which is now seriously affecting them.


The eutrophication is basically the overabundance of nutrients in water bodies. This heavy flow of nutrient comes from agriculture. Agriculture uses fertilizers which provide nutrients to the plants.

But most of the nutrients of the fertilizer is not taken by the crops and runs-off into the water bodies like rivers which caries this water to the ocean. This overabundance of nutrient leads to decrease of oxygen level of the water bodies which affects the food chain of the marine life.


Disease is one of the major issues of the water pollution affecting animals and humans too. The polluted water consist of heavy metal, pesticides, pathogen which can cause major diseases can also result in death.

Waterborne disease causes 2 million deaths annually according to World Health Organisation(WHO) every year. Chemicals and heavy metals can cause cancer, pesticide in farm can cause neurological problems, pathogens in water can cause diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc.

These issue is getting serious as the time goes by even the water crisis is taking place around which make many people depend on contaminated water which can increase the amount of people facing this issue.


So these are the major effects of water pollution to the environment, animals and us too. This is creating a major threat to the basic need for life on the earth. We should find a way for the causes of water pollution now before it too late. The world is facing water problem specially in asia and africa which we should resolve by taking steps towards it.

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