What is Global Warming in simple words?

Global warming is basically a significant rise in temperature of the earth throughout time. This word “Global warming” refers to an increase in the temperature of the earth due to human activity. The temperature of the earth is increasing significantly after 20th Century when there was the start of the industrial era which is known to be the most responsible for this cause. Global warming is now the big issue in front of the world, and it needs to be addressed on priority. This is happening mostly because of greenhouse gas emission. More greenhouse gas is produced by human activities the more the temperature of the globe is rising.

How the global warming takes place?

Our earth needs energy for warmth and survival of life on the planet. Most of the energy the earth getfrom the sun. This energy comes as a thermal radiation from the sun, helps plants to grow, keep the planet warm. Without this the earth will freeze and the average temperature of the earth would be -18oC.

Earth also radiates energy back to outer space in the form of infrared radiation. The balance between energy taken by the earth from the sun and the energy radiated back to the outer space is known as Earth’s energy budget.

When the earth radiates energy back to outer space, it is absorbed by greenhouse gases like CO2, Methane, Ozone, etc. The trapping of this energy in the form of heat is essential to keep the planet warm as the planet will freeze without it.

But after the rise of the industrial era, greenhouse gas emissions increased dramatically. The emission of CO2 was very high. The high amount of emission of greenhouse gases increased the absorption of infrared radiation resulting in trapping of more heat eventually increasing the temperature of the earth. And this is how the global warming takes place.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

It is for sure that this is happening because of human influence. Emission of industries, emission due to the transportation, and many other aspects increasing GHG emission making the earth’s energy budget imbalance. This imbalance is changing the earths. The average temperature of the earth’s surface temperature is rising, the ocean is getting warmer day by day, Polar ice, glaciers are melting. One of the major problems we are facing due to global warming is climate change.

The climate change is responsible for the drastic change in the weather pattern. This temperature rise making many species unadaptable to the environment. Hence, many species are getting extinct day by day. This also resulted in many forest fires which killing homes of many animals. The rise in the ocean's temperature leads to an increase in water vapor which is a greenhouse gas too, contribution to trapping of more heat increasing global warming. Melting of ice results in rising of sea level making threat to small island which can go beneath the water. Climate change is contributing to the drastic change in weather which leads to various natural calamities.

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