What is water pollution and it’s sources?

The water is a basic need of life for all human, animal and even to the plants in the world. Living without water is just impossible, and living with polluted water is dangerous and unhealthy thing to do. But unfortunately, the water in this world is getting more and more polluted day by day due to human activity.

So this blog will inform you about the water pollution, it's causes, and it's effect on the world. Firstly we will go through the definition of it.


Definition of water pollution is:

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (like oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, aquifers, and groundwater) usually caused due to human activities. Water pollution is any change in the physical, chemical, or biological properties of water that will have a detrimental consequence of any living organism.


Industrial Waste:

As the name says to us, industrial waste is a waste generated by the industries. Most of the time, these industrial waste is directly discharged into water. The waste consists of dirt, concrete, trash, oil, chemicals, etc. Also, consists of dangerous waste like cleaning fluid, paint and pesticides. These industrial waste can be toxic and very harmful. This is the effect of improper waste management of the companies.

These industries are mostly located near large water as they need lots of water for industrial use. Thus, the industry uses lots of water but many of them don’t have waste management system to treat the waste.

So the waste is directly discharged in the water body close to it. These waste is very toxic and can cause real harm to the to everyone who is dependent on that particular water bodies. These can cause harm to marine life in that water bodies.

The facts are that industry uses 19% of overall freshwater and allover water they use 70% of it is directly discharged into the water bodies untreated. So these wastes are having very dangerous impact for sure.

Domestic waste:

The domestic waste is also one of the significant causes of water pollution. And the main source of domestic water pollution is sewage. The sewage is basically the human and animal excreta. Which can be human, or animal feces or urine or both. It can be also paper, cloth, food waste, etc.

This sewage water flows through water pipeline connected to every home. This water is a wastewater so should be going to the sewage treatment plant. But the reality is most of the sewage treatment plant remains untreated and some like industrial waste directly discharged into the water bodies. The fact is that 90% of sewage water is untreated and directly discharges.

Sewage is a complex mixture of chemicals. It consists of ammonium nitrate, phosphorus, nitrogen. Plus it also contains pathogens like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites.

If sewage is not treated then it is surely a danger to human health and the health of the water bodies, and its marine life.


Agriculture is one of the most significant sources of water pollution. The demand for food is growing day by day with the growing population of the world. In this race of getting higher yield from farming, the agricultural water pollution is rising day by day.

There are many sources of water pollution through farming. The following are the sources of agricultural water pollution.

Thus, agriculture is having greater impact on water pollution and likely to increase in the future.


Oil is also one of the most significant sources of water pollution specially polluting the ocean. This pollution takes from oil from many ways like oil spill, water transportation, dumping, run-off.

Oil spill takes place when the oil is released into the water bodies due to some human activity. This oil spill takes place by release of oil from tankers offshore platforms, drilling rigs and wells, etc. This makes up 12% oil that enter the ocean. An oil spill from a tanker is a severe problem because there is such a huge quantity of oil being spilt into one place.

Oil spills cause a very localized problem but can be catastrophic to local marine wildlife such as fish, birds, and sea otters. Oil cannot dissolve in water and forms a thick sludge in the water. As the water transportation is growing day by day, this can be very dangerous to water pollution.

These are the sources of water pollution which are killing the water bodies, and it's quality soon it may can the catastrophe to us as the effects of water pollution is really devastation.

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