Why plastic is bad for the environment?

In 1907, a Belgian scientist knows as Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite, first fully synthetic plastics. So this is where the story of plastic began. In the early 20th century the dominance of plastic started. And it became a better option of the things to use in daily life. However, no one understood how bad it can be for environment in future at that time.

As a result, now it became a big environmental danger to the earth and likewise to the humans. But why plastic is so bad for the environment? Maybe answer of this we can get by knowing how and of what it is made of.

What is Plastic made of?

Basically, plastics is made of Cellulose, coal, natural gas, crude oil by two main types of process known as “polymerization” and “polycondensation” with the help of catalyst.

So with the help of this chemical process plastic is formed which is further divided into two main polymer family. This family is known as “Thermoplastic” and “Thermoset”.

Thermoplastic is material which gets soft after heated and gets hard again when gets cold. The examples of this are car parts, electronics, rope, carpet, pipes, etc.

Thermoset are the plastics with can’t change the shape ones the shape is already changed. These are mostly used in electrical insulator, tableware, adhesive, etc.

How much plastic is produced nowadays?

So as we saw of what substance the plastic is made of and what are the things which are made of plastics nowadays, likewise we also need to see how much plastic is produced nowadays.

As we know, we use plastic for almost everything. We found plastic as a better alternative for basic things we use in our daily life. From our brushes, plates or almost everything is made of plastic. Hence, plastic production started growing day by day.

The plastic production and use of plastics in large scale started in the 1950’s. The production of plastic at that time according to report of Geyer et al.(2017) was 2 Million Tonnes.

Furthermore, the plastics production in 1975 reached up to 46 Million tonnes. In the end of the 20th century the plastics production reached up to whopping 213 Million Tonnes. Finally, In 2015 it reached 381 Million tonnes and it's still growing. And the even worst news is that 91% of plastic is not even get into recycle process.

What is happening now because of this?

The heavy demand and production of plastics and most of which is not even recycled, due to which, this now created a very big environmental problem. The issue of the plastic is its property which is Non-biodegradability.

Plastics only Photodegrade which means divide itself in small pieces but takes lot of years and is somewhat ineffective. Consequently, this leads to the plastic pollution and is now the one of the most significant type of pollution which destroying the nature.

The significant part of the plastics produced goes direct into ocean. As a result, this creates harm to the aquatic animal as they eat it. So plastic is now included in the food chain of marine animals. This leads to deaths many marine species which includes both small and large animals.

Groundwater pollution:

The one of the major part of garbage is now plastics. This plastics garbage is with other garbage only which is stored in the landfills. Also, these plastic stored in the landfills is buried under and exerts toxic chemicals which drain outs and seeps in the groundwater

This pollutes the groundwater reservoirs beneath the ground which ever increases threat of water pollution. First of all, the water crisis is already there and increasing, in this condition it seems like the plastic is not just danger by itself but also for the condition for water crisis.

Human health:

The plastic is not just remained now the thing of carrying the food but also given it the place in our food chain. Toxic chemicals which leach out of plastic are found in blood and tissue of all of us. Most noteworthy, this can cause cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, etc.

As a result, the plastics will not only destroy the nature but also directly us. So we need to get rid of this as soon as possible.


In one way, it gives us lot of expense. The plastic is everywhere. This creates a major expense of collecting this plastic, treating this plastic, or keeping and recycling these plastics. This expense is very large as it takes lots of efforts to process or recycle the plastics.

How dependent we are on plastics?

Specially if you are living in urban area, no need to tell you how plastic dependent we are nowadays. The plastic is everywhere in our life from morning brush which is of plastic. From that the plate we use for food, water bottle we have, appliances we us, gadget we have.

Plus plastic bag which now we can even call it as crisis bag, thin plastic glass which we throw once we used.

First the chair were made of wood which we replaced the plastic as it is light. The containers which were made of steel are now mostly comes in plastic. Similarly, many things are replaced with plastic which clearly shows that how much we are dependent on plastics.

Is Ban can be a solution for plastics?

Yes, ban can be the solution. But if it is done properly and not just showing that we also contribute for betterment of nature. While it has been seen that in many areas the plastic is banned but the ban is not properly implemented. People are using plastic are they were using before. Thus, the ban is not properly enforced.

The important obstacle in the plastic and be lack of awareness and people’s attitude. Many people don’t even know how dangerous plastic is for the nature, and many people don’t want to know about it as they think plastic is cheap and convenient for them.

Many people think plastic pollution is not their responsibility but solely the responsibility of the government which is surely not. Hence, there should be more awareness regarding this issue. And people should get the knowledge about how they can contribute to this issue.


Therefore, the plastic is very bad for us and even the nature. So we should look forward to resolving this issue. You can give your opinion in the comment section below. Thank You.

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